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Founded in 1962, the Carpet Clinic has specialized for 3 generations in the restoration, preservation and cleaning of antique carpets, oriental or modern carpets, kilims and tapestries. From the origin, patterns, materials, pigments, frames and knots, David Fitoussi expert in carpet conservation knows all the ropes.

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Since 1962, his family has been in charge of the Carpet Clinic. By taking over the head of this family business, he wanted to perpetuate this knowledge of the art of carpets with a special focus on their restoration.


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Ancestral know-how
Ancestral know-how
True ancestral know-how inherited from father to son, the restoration is an art that we master perfectly. This work requires technical skills, patience and thoroughness,
Estimate and repurchase
Estimate and repurchase
Estimate and repurchase Today David Fitoussi and Frank Kassapian collaborate to assess your carpets. Expert carpets and tapestries from Paris and provincial auctioneers and insurance
The Carpet Clinic
The Carpet Clinic
The Carpet Clinic today has a worldwide reputation for the expertise of high-end carpets and carpet restoration. It is because we carry out tailor-made work