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Valorization of its heritage.

The different services of the Clinic of Carpet.

A full range of services is offered to our customers.

Cleaning | Washing

Cleaning your carpet is essential to prolong its life. To avoid premature wear and thus the need for repair or restoration, it is important to carry out a cleaning carried out in the rules of art every 3 to 5 years.

Restoration | Repair

The choice of restoration method will then depend on the state of conservation and the value of the part entrusted. It often consists of an identical rework, made by hand, centimeter by centimeter using the appropriate wires and colors.

Estimate | Expertise

David Fitoussi and Frank Kassapian collaborate to assess your carpets. Expert carpets and tapestries from Paris and provincial auctioneers and insurance companies.

Sale | Repurchase

Specialists in carpets for 3 generations, we have collections of carpets and tapestries. The pieces we proposed are generally unique pieces.

Experts serving your heritage |

The Carpet Clinic is approved by insurance if the restoration follows a disaster. In addition, you benefit from a 10-year guarantee for all restoration work.