Carpet cleaning |

When did you clean your carpet for the last time? It is not a matter of vacuuming, but of cleaning it thoroughly. Once every 22 years! On average, in France, the time we expect to tackle the dust that tarnishes and damages the fibers of a carpet; even though it should be offered a cleaning rule every 3 or 5 years because the dust is the worst enemy carpet since over the years these small grains become abrasive and cut frame and hate. Fragile by nature, the old carpet requires a cleaning by hand, in several baths, to respect the fibers. For carpets that have “natural” colors, before proceeding with the treatment, it is necessary to fix the color to avoid any disgorging. Then, depending on its condition, cleaning a carpet may require between 10 and 15 days of work. Because it is not a simple washing, but all these essential steps: threshing, the possible fixing of colors, a bath or several, washing with natural detergents non-aggressive for fiber , drying in the open air, then combing the hair.

In the rules of art |

The cleaning of your carpets and tapestries is done entirely by hand to specifically adapt to the fragility of each old carpet. If necessary, several baths are made.
For some silk carpets and old rugs that have so-called “natural” colors, before cleaning, it is necessary to fix the color to prevent disgorging.

If your carpet has been attacked by moths, we perform a specific treatment to remove all traces in the carpet grounds. We also offer an anti-allergenic treatment (elimination of mites) and antibacterial (elimination of micro-organisms).